Top 10 Real Estate Investors In Nigeria 2023

Top 10 Real Estate Investors In Nigeria
June 1, 2023

Nigeria is a country with a rapidly growing population and economy, and this has led to a boom in the real estate market.

As a result, there are many wealthy individuals and businesses who are investing in real estate in Nigeria.

In this article, we will explore the top 10 real estate investors in Nigeria in 2023, examining their services and operational reliability.

Top 10 Real Estate Investors In Nigeria 2023

Here are the top 10 real estate investors in Nigeria in 2023:

1. Sugimoto Construction Limited

Sugimoto Construction Limited is renowned as one of the leading real estate investors in Nigeria. With a team of indigenous and international professionals, the company specializes in the development and investment of upscale properties, including residential and luxury real estate.

Aside from property investment, Sugimoto Construction Limited also offers services such as facility management, infrastructure construction, interior decoration, and project contracting.

Their aim is to cater to homeowners and discerning real estate investors looking to expand their investment portfolios.

The company has made significant investments in various properties, providing affordable homes and houses in Lagos and Abuja.

2. Landwey Investment Limited

Landwey Investment Limited, a multi-award-winning real estate investor in Nigeria, operates within the residential, commercial, and retail sectors of the property market.

The company is dedicated to offering clients secure and guaranteed return on investment (ROI) platforms through estate developments.

Landwey has gained a reputation for its innovative real estate marketing strategies and has received numerous accolades, including the Most Innovative Real Estate Marketing Company in 2017 and the Real Estate Investment Company of the Year in 2019.

If you are looking for a reliable real estate investment company in Nigeria, Landwey is worth considering.

3. Adron Homes And Properties

Adron Homes and Properties is among the most prominent real estate investors in Nigeria, known for its extensive advertising campaigns on television and radio.

The company has invested in a wide range of top-quality homes, apartments, gardens, and parks across Nigeria. Adron Homes and Properties also serves as an agent, providing clients with properties at discounted prices.

With over 4,000 acres of land investments in locations such as Abuja, Shimawa, Lekki, and Ikorodu, Adron Homes and Properties offers individuals the opportunity to become property owners easily.

Additionally, the company assists investors in securing and managing their real estate portfolios.

4. Revolution Plus Properties

Revolution Plus Properties is a leading real estate investor in Nigeria that specializes in the sale of houses and land investments across the country.

Their team of professionals possesses extensive knowledge of the Nigerian real estate industry, offering clients guidance, advisory services, and investment opportunities.

Revolution Plus Properties has a diverse portfolio of affordable and quality products, including lands and houses, making it a viable option for property investment at reasonable prices.

5. Ayeye & Co

Ayeye & Co is an Abuja-based real estate investor in Nigeria. With a dedicated team of professionals who understand the property market, the company excels in sourcing the best real estate investments in Abuja.

Ayeye & Co boasts an impressive list of clientele, having worked with top Nigerian companies such as Access Bank, Firstbank, and Amcon.

The company has invested in a variety of affordable homes and apartments in different parts of Abuja, offering potential investors access to attractive investment opportunities.

Additionally, Ayeye & Co provides property management services and other real estate solutions.

6. Cadwell Limited

As one of the oldest and top real estate investors in Nigeria, Cadwell Limited has been in business for over 20 years, offering satisfactory services to its clients.

The company specializes in property development and management, marketing of real estate projects, and facility maintenance.

Cadwell Limited welcomes investors, allowing them to become property owners and earn good returns on their investments.

Their portfolio includes apartments, homes, and commercial properties across Nigeria, demonstrating their extensive presence in the real estate market.

7. Boing Luxury Estates

Boing Luxury Estates has over 8 years of experience in the Nigerian real estate industry, making it a notable real estate investor in the country.

The company focuses on providing exquisite housing and property solutions to individuals, groups, and corporate bodies across various states in Nigeria, primarily in Abuja.

Boing Luxury Estates aims to be a real estate investment company, offering solutions, support, and access to top real estate investors for both amateur and experienced investors.

With multiple property investments in Abuja and listings available across the country, Boing Luxury Estates presents appealing opportunities for potential investors.

8. DNJ Properties And Investment Limited

DNJ Properties and Investment Limited, based in Lagos, operates as a real estate agent, developer, and provider of various real estate services.

Their services encompass property management, sales, rent, building, sourcing, and maintenance. Clients have the option to purchase or rent properties, as well as invest and have DNJ Properties and Investment Limited handle the construction and management of their properties.

The company’s property investments include DNJ Crown Apartments, DNJ The Royales Apartments, DNJ Imperial Gardens Estate, DNJ Vantage Court, DNJ New Town Park, DNJ Eminence Court, and DNJ Aceville.

9. Landmark Corporate Realty Limited

With over 10 years of experience in the property market, Landmark Corporate Realty Limited is a highly regarded real estate investor in Nigeria, operating primarily in Lagos.

The company specializes in smart homes and offers real estate development, management, and brokerage services.

Landmark Corporate Realty Limited invites investors and provides flexible payment platforms to facilitate investment opportunities. Their focus on smart homes sets them apart in the Lagos real estate market.

10. Jide Taiwo & Co

Jide Taiwo & Co is another notable real estate investment company located in Lagos. They are a trusted ally when it comes to property letting, buying, or selling.

With a diverse portfolio of property investments across Nigeria, including several located in Lagos, Jide Taiwo & Co welcomes investors.

Additionally, individuals can list their properties on their platform to gain exposure to potential investors.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Are these real estate investors registered and operating legally in Nigeria?

Yes, these real estate investors are registered and operate legally in Nigeria. It is essential to conduct due diligence and verify the legal status of any real estate investor before engaging with them.

Do these real estate investors offer property management services?

Yes, several of these real estate investors offer property management services, including rental management, maintenance, and facility management, among others.

What are the benefits of investing in real estate in Nigeria?

There are many benefits to investing in real estate in Nigeria, including:

High potential for capital appreciation: The Nigerian real estate market is growing rapidly, which means that there is a high potential for capital appreciation for investors.
Ability to generate rental income: Real estate can be a great source of rental income, which can provide a steady stream of passive income for investors.
Security: Real estate can provide a sense of security for investors, as it is a tangible asset that can be difficult to lose value.

What are the risks of investing in real estate in Nigeria?

There are also some risks associated with investing in real estate in Nigeria, including:

1. Political instability: Nigeria is a politically unstable country, which can make it difficult to invest in real estate.
2. Economic volatility: The Nigerian economy is volatile, which can make it difficult to predict the future value of real estate.
3. Lack of infrastructure: Nigeria has a lack of infrastructure, which can make it difficult to develop and manage real estate projects.

How can I invest in real estate in Nigeria?

There are a few ways to invest in real estate in Nigeria, including:

1. Direct investment: You can buy real estate directly in Nigeria. This is the most risky option, but it also has the potential for the highest returns.
2. Indirect investment: You can invest in real estate indirectly through a real estate investment trust (REIT). REITs are companies that own and manage real estate, and they offer a way for investors to invest in real estate without having to buy property directly.
3. Investment in real estate development companies: You can also invest in real estate by investing in companies that develop real estate. This is a less risky option than direct investment, but it also has the potential for lower returns.

What are the best areas to invest in real estate in Nigeria?

The best areas to invest in real estate in Nigeria are those that are experiencing rapid economic growth. These areas include Lagos, Abuja, and Port Harcourt.

Can international investors collaborate with these real estate investors?

Yes, international investors can collaborate with these real estate investors in Nigeria. However, it is advisable to familiarize themselves with Nigerian laws and regulations regarding property investment by foreign individuals or entities.


In conclusion, the real estate industry in Nigeria is flourishing, attracting numerous investors and offering a range of opportunities for property investment.

The top real estate investors in Nigeria are playing a major role in the growth of the country’s real estate market. Their investments are creating jobs, opportunities, and economic growth.

As the Nigerian economy continues to grow, these investors are likely to continue to play a major role in the real estate market.

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